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Managing my Give InKind Page
How do I invite supporters to my InKind Page?
How do I invite supporters to my InKind Page?
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Click the Share button near the top right of your InKind Page.

(If your page is listed privately and not ok for others to share, only the Page Organizers will see this button so they may invite their preferred Supporters.)

Select the platform you'd like to use to send your invitation(s):

or click the button at the bottom to copy the page's link to your clipboard for pasting wherever you'd like to share the page.


Type as many email addresses as you like, separating each with a comma (,)

or you may alternately upload vCards.


To load one or many contacts at a time, you may prefer to use vCards. (This is a file created when exporting contacts from your email client or Contacts app.) Click the button to open your device's file browser and navigate to the vCard(s) you wish to upload.

Once your contacts are listed, you may compose any text you wish to add to the invitation and then click the Invite button.

An email will immediately go out to every contact you have listed or uploaded as a vCard. The email will show the title and main image you have set for your InKind Page, any personal message you included before clicking the Invite button, and a brief portion of the Story on your page.


If your device is not already signed in, you will be asked to sign in to your Facebook profile. You will then be able to compose any text you wish to add and then post the link to your Facebook feed or stories.


This will open the Meta Messenger app if loaded on your device and display a new message containing the link to your page. Compose any text you wish to add to the invitation and select as many of your Messenger contacts as you like, then send.


This will take you to either or the Twitter app, depending on what is loaded on your device. If not already, you will be prompted to sign in to your profile. Then a new tweet will display containing the link to your InKind Page. Compost any text you wish to add to the invitation and click the Tweet button.

Page Organizers can track and resend emailed invitations in the Supporters View.

Once you have sent invites via email, an Invited tab will be added to the Supporters View on your Premium InKind Page. (What is Supporters View and the Premium InKind Page Upgrade?) Use this view to keep track of whom you have already invited and re-send invites as necessary.

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