The Premium Page Upgrade is here to help further streamline your support management with Give InKind.

You'll have access to a dedicated Supporter View, which allows Page Organizers to:

  • see who is following the InKind Page

  • track who has signed up to send support through the Care Calendar

  • see who has sent gifts and gift cards through Give InKind

  • quickly and easily email Supporters

Page Organizers of a Premium Page can browse, search, and export details from the Supporter View, making sending Thank You messages and tracking support fast and efficient.

Note: Supporter View is unable to track activity on third-party sites such as GoFundMe, PayPal, or external sites used to fulfill Wishlist purchases.

Organizers of a Premium Page also have the options to turn off and on the recommended products and helpful articles that appear on the InKind Page, to simplify the view and focus solely on your chosen support features.

How to Upgrade your InKind Page to Premium:

The Premium InKind Page Upgrade is available in the Page Settings of your existing InKind Page. At the top and bottom of the Page Settings window you can click "UPGRADE YOUR PAGE" to make a one-time payment of $10 USD.

There is no subscription or renewal process, only $10 per page to upgrade to Premium.

Once a Page Organizer unlocks the Premium feature, all Organizers of that InKind Page will have access to the upgraded options.

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