Gift Card Purchasing

Where can I find a Gift Card to send to someone through Give InKind?

There are a few different ways you can send Gift Cards with Give InKind.

(First, your intended recipient must have an InKind Page.)

On their InKind Page, you may find Gift Cards your Recipient has hand-selected in the Wishlist section.

They may have also opted to allow you to send Gift Cards through the Care Calendar.

In this case, you can choose an open Care Calendar request, click "I'll Help", then select "Send a Gift Card".

You can also find gifts to send on the homepage, or in the navigation bar at the top of Give InKind in the section marked, "Ways to Help". To browse all of the Gift Cards available to send, click "By Gift Type" and select "Gift Cards".

Who am I purchasing these Gift Cards from?

Many of the Gift Cards available on Give InKind are fulfilled by us. These cards are noted "on Give InKind" on their product page.

Some Gift Cards available on Give InKind are purchased and fulfilled through other vendors. These are noted on their product page.

Do you charge an extra fee for buying Gift Cards through Give InKind?

No. Any sales tax applicable in your area will be applied to your purchase, and you do have the option to leave a tip to help keep Give InKind running, but we do not charge any extra fees. A $20 Gift Card costs just $20*. (*plus your local sales tax)

What is the tip for?

The tip is entirely optional, and is a much appreciated way Supporters can chip-in to help keep Give InKind free-to-use.

I am trying to make a purchase, but got a "validation error;" what can I do?

The "validation error" indicates a piece of your credit card billing information was entered incorrectly. Double-check that your address, zip code, and CVV code are accurate and submit again.

I have questions about my specific purchase; whom can I ask?

You can always reach out to our Support Team with any specific questions about your order. Gift Cards that are listed "on Give InKind" are fulfilled by us and can be easily tracked by the Support Team. Since we are unable to track purchases made through other vendors, if your Gift Card was purchased through another vendor, you will need to reach their customer service to rectify the issue.

If you're not sure who your purchase was through, we're happy to help get you started in the right direction, just reach out to our Support Team.

Gift Card Delivery

How are Gift Cards delivered to the Recipient?

Gift Cards purchased through Give InKind are delivered electronically. Unique gift card codes, along with redemption directions are sent to the Delivery Email Address provided by the Page Organizer in the Page Settings of the InKind Page.

When are Gift Cards delivered to the Recipient?

Gift Cards are delivered 24 hours after their purchase is completed.

Why is there a 24 hour wait for Gift Card deliveries?

The 24 hour delay between purchase and delivery is a security measure in-place to protect the Supporter's transaction. We understand that sometimes support needs to be sent immediately. If this is the case, please reach out to the Support Team to inquire about expediting delivery of a Gift Card.

I've just purchased a Gift Card intended for dinner tonight; can it be delivered today?

We understand the 24 hour security delay can get in the way when immediate support is needed. Reach out to the Support Team (in the orange chat bubble) to inquire about expediting delivery of a Gift Card.

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