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How do I add updates to my page?
How do I add updates to my page?
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When you create a Give InKind page, you may want to keep your supporters updated about what is happening with the recipient’s situation. The Updates feature allows you to share the latest developments, as well as pictures or videos that will help everyone in the support circle stay in the loop. 

To add updates to your page:

Go to your Give InKind page. You will see the Updates space in the About section of your page.

Click the orange ADD UPDATE button to open the Add Update window.

First, choose the date of your update:
You can write your update on the current date, or you can change the date if the event took place in the past. In the Add Update window, click the calendar next to today's date. A calendar will open; click the date your event took place; the event date will be changed.

Next, write your update:

In the Add Update window, give your update a name in the first field that says ENTER a title for your update. This field is required in order for you to save your update.

Next, tell your supporters the latest news by writing your update in the Share your latest news window. This is also a required field that you must complete in order to save your update.

Do you want to add a picture or video? Click the ADD PHOTO OR VIDEO button. This will open a window with buttons for adding your media. 

To add a photo:

Click the UPLOAD PHOTO button to open your computer’s files. Choose the photo you want to add and click open, save, or double click the image to add it to your update. The photo will appear in the Upload photo window. 

To edit the picture, there is a dot that you can click and drag to resize your picture. If your picture uploaded in the wrong direction, click the rotate arrow to turn the picture until it is correct. 

You can also add a caption to describe your picture or video.

To add video:

If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo that you would like to share, in the Add Photo or Video widow, click the VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE OR VIMEO button. This will open the Add Video window.
PLEASE NOTE: You cannot directly upload a video from your computer or device. Before adding a video to your update, you will will need to first upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

In the Add Video window, enter the link to your video in the Enter Video link field. The CONTINUE button will change from gray to blue. Click the Continue button.

Your video will appear in the Confirm Video window where you can play it to make sure it plays as you wish. You can now add a caption to describe your video if you wish.

Once you have confirmed your video, click the SAVE button. You can also click GO BACK if you decide not to use your video or if you want to add a different one. 

You will be returned to the Add Update window where you will see a small thumbnail image of your picture or video. 

Sharing your update

You have a few options for how your page update is shared. It will always be shared directly on your page in the About section. But you can also send updates to your supporters and followers in a few other ways – via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Under Send Update to you can choose your options:

  • The Page box is checked and grayed out because your updates will be published on your page automatically

  • Check Email Supporters & Followers to have your update sent to all Give InKind account holders who follow and/or support your page

  • Check Facebook to add an update to your Facebook page

  • Check Twitter to tweet about your update 

You can now click the blue POST UPDATE button to share your update with everyone. Remember that the title and update fields must be filled in for the Post update button to change from gray to blue. 

If you are sharing on social media:

When you click POST UPDATE, the window will take you through the final steps for posting to the outlets you selected (Facebook or Twitter). 

Posting on Facebook:
Click the FINISH POSTING button to complete your Facebook post. Your Facebook window will open with a link to your update. You can write an announcement like “Hey Facebook Friends, check out new updates and baby pics on my Give InKind page!” Complete your post and click “Post to Facebook”.

Posting on Twitter:
If you have opted to tweet your update, the Add Update window will display the FINISH POSTING button for Twitter. 

Click the button to open a Twitter window that will have a link to your update. You can add an announcement like “New baby updates and pics!” and click Tweet. 

Your update is now published!
After completing the update form and posting on your social media outlets, you will be returned to your page where your new update is displayed! If you selected the email option, your supporters and followers will be emailed an update announcement with a link.

How updates are displayed

Your updates are shown from the most recent , and visitors can click the arrow on the right side of the update window to scroll through older updates. 

The updates window will open on any date a visitor clicks on, and they can scroll through all other updates as well. 

To edit or delete your updates:
Next to each updates, click the orange pencil button to edit, or the pink X button to delete.

Keeping people updated is a great way to build support for your Give InKind page. If you need any help adding updates or encounter any issues, contact Give InKind support via the support chat on, or email us at [email protected]

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