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How do I sign up to bring a meal?
How do I sign up to bring a meal?
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To provide a meal to an InKind Page Recipient, you can sign up on the Care Calendar.

First navigate to the InKind Page you would like to support.

Then either scroll down to the Care Calendar or click the Calendar support button in the sidebar.

The Care Calendar will display requests on days specifically listed by the Page Organizer. A request that is available for you to sign up for will have an "I'll Help" button listed to the right. A request that has already been signed up for will display a checkmark.

When you begin to sign up on the Care Calendar, it will first check if you are logged in to a Give InKind profile. If you are not already, you will be asked to login or sign up for one.

(Signing up with Give InKind is free, and we ask Supporters to sign up so we have an email address to go along with your name in the event a Page Organizer needs to reach out to make changes about the support request, and to send confirmation and reminder emails regarding your support sign-up. You may create a Give InKind profile with your email address and a password, or use the "Facebook" or "Google" buttons to quickly sign-in without creating a unique password.)

To deliver a meal in-person:

Click "I'll Help" on the request you wish to fulfill. If prompted, sign in to your Give InKind profile.

If the recipient is welcoming meals delivered in-person, you will be able to select the "Drop-Off" button. Then click "Next."

In the following window you can enter what you will be providing, and any personal message you would like to include to the Page Organizer.

Be sure to check the Description and Delivery Instructions for specific directions you may need to consider. Then click "Confirm."

Now you're signed up to provide a meal! The next screen will offer to add the sign up to your personal calendar, and will provide the delivery address for your meal.

This information will also be sent to your email, along with a reminder one day before the date of your meal support sign-up.

To have a meal delivered:

After clicking "I'll Help" on the meal request you wish to provide, if prompted, sign in to your Give InKind profile. Then select the "Order Delivery" button. You may order delivery from any restaurant or service. (If you choose to use GrubHub you may place your order up to seven days in advance.)

Enter what you will be sending and any personal message you would like to include to the Page Organizer.

Click "Confirm."

The next screen will show the delivery address for you to copy and paste into the delivery website you choose. The delivery address and meal request details will be emailed to you, and a reminder email will also arrive one day before the date of the request.

If you would like to use GrubHub to schedule your meal delivery (up to seven days in advance) click the "Order on GrubHub" button. You will then be taken from to where you can paste the copied delivery address and browse restaurants available to the Recipient's area.

To send a gift card:

Give your recipient the freedom to select their own meal at their own convenience by sending a digital gift card. Find an open meal request you would like to sign up for and click "I'll Help." If prompted, sign in to your Give InKind profile.

Then select the "Send Gift Card" button.

You will then be shown up to four gift cards specified by the Recipient. Click the gift card you wish to send, then click "Purchase."

The next window will ask what dollar value to assign to the gift card, (displaying the range you can choose from below the $ field.) Enter the value you wish to send and click "Continue."

Proceed to enter your billing information, and any personal note you would like to include to the Recipient, then click "Complete Purchase."

Once your transaction is complete, both you and the Recipient will receive emails confirming the gift card has been purchased and is on the way.

After a 24 hour security delay, (a measure in-place to protect your transaction,) your gift card and personal message will be delivered to the Recipient's email inbox.

(The Recipient is welcome to use the gift card at any time, and is not limited to using it only during the date and time of the meal support sign-up.)

To change or cancel a meal sign-up:

If you need to make any changes or cancel your sign up, click the request you're signed up for and then click the "Edit Claim" button.

You can then change any information about the meal you're sending, or click the "Unclaim" button to open that request back up for another supporter to sign up for.

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