If you find that you no longer need an item or service but it has already been claimed, you are unable to delete it until the supporter unclaims the item. You will need to email the supporter directly to ask them to unlaim the item.

To email the supporter:

Go to your page’s Care Calendar

Go to the item. The name of the participant (the person that claimed the item) will be displayed as a link

Click the participant's name

In the window that opens, click the EMAIL PARTICIPANT link

Your email application will open. Email the participant, informing them that you no longer need the item or service and in order to remove it from your calendar you need them to unclaim the item.

The participant can go to the Care Calendar on your Give InKind page, locate the item they have claimed, click EDIT, and in the pop up window, click UNCLAIM ITEM

You and the participant will both receive an email confirming the item has been unclaimed

You can then delete the item from your calendar.

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