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Managing my Give InKind Page
How do I add my Amazon Wishlist to my Give InKind page?
How do I add my Amazon Wishlist to my Give InKind page?
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In addition to your Give InKind Wishlist, we offer the option of displaying an Amazon Wishlist button on your InKind Page. You can add or remove the Amazon Wish List button at any time in the Page Settings of your completed page.

If you have an existing Amazon Wish List and want to add a button on your InKind Page for supporters to have quick access, follow these steps:

First, locate your Amazon Wish List Link

  1. From either the Amazon website or Amazon app, navigate to your Wish List

  2. Click "Send list to others" 

  3. Select “View Only”

  4. Click “Copy Link”

  5. The link is now on your clipboard and ready to be pasted into the Amazon Wish List field on GiveInKind. 

Next, navigate to the Page Settings of an existing GiveInKind page:

Login and navigate to the page you'd like to add the Amazon wishlist button to (you must be one of the page's organizers).

Click the Page Settings button in the header section of your page.

In the Features section of Page Settings, check the box next to "Include an Amazon Wishlist" and a field for you to type or paste the link to your Amazon Wish List will appear

Paste the link that was saved on your clipboard from step one

Click "Save" at the bottom of the Page Settings window

Your InKind Page will refresh to display an Amazon Wishlist button for your supporters to quickly access.

Note: You are not required to enable a Give InKind Wishlist to display an Amazon Wish List button.

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