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Managing my Give InKind Page
Making My Recipient a Page Organizer
Making My Recipient a Page Organizer

Enabling your Recipient to receive emails and manage the page

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For many Give InKind recipients, managing emails, calendars and Wishlists is more than they can take on. The role of the Page Organizer is to maintain the page and all of the support being given. However, you may want to give your recipient the ability to manage or update their page, or receive email notifications about gifts and Care Calendar activity. You can do that in one click when you create your page.

During the page creation process, the Recipient Address section asks for your recipient's mailing address and email address. Below that section is a checkbox option to "Invite the recipient as an Organizer on this page". Check the box.

When you complete the page creation process, your recipient will receive an email notifying them that they have been added as a Page Organizer. If they do not have a Give InKind account, the email will include a link inviting them to create an account, which they can do in one step.

After your page is created, you can always add your recipient or anyone else as a Page Organizer in Page Settings. Click here for instructions on adding a Page Organizer.

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