How to get the most out of your Give InKind Care Calendar

When you need support on very specific days, or if you want your Supporters to know things like how to arrange delivery, you can use your Care Calendar to make it all clear. Using the customization features allows you to provide the little details that are important to the Recipient. Here is how to make the Care Calendar work for you:

Begin by clicking the ADD REQUEST button, and enter your details into the fields of the form that appears.

  1. Select the type of help being requested from the drop down menu in the first field

  2. Give your request a name, like “Meal Delivery for 2”

  3. Provide the date and time that you would like this request to be fulfilled

  4. Check the box if it is an all-day need

  5. Answer the question, "Does it repeat?" by selecting an option from the drop down menu to indicate if this request should appear on the calendar one time or at a regular interval

  6. If this is a repeating request, select a date for the repetition to end

  7. Provide vital details like dietary restrictions, delivery instructions, alternate contact information, etc. in the Description field

  8. Click SAVE to enter just that item, or SAVE & ADD MORE to add more items

After you click SAVE, the Care Calendar will display your new request(s).

If you need to make any changes to an item on your calendar, click on the item to begin your edits. To edit your repeating request, you will be asked if you're making changes to the single instance you clicked on, or the entire series of requests.

Complete the changes you need to make and click SAVE.

 When a Supporter signs up to fulfill a Care Calendar request, they can follow the instructions provided for communicating with you and arranging to bring or send what the Recipient needs. 

The Care Calendar is one of the most powerful tools Give InKind offers. By using all of its features, you can easily request and coordinate help, and build a strong circle of support.

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