How to get the most out of your Give InKind Calendar

When you need support on very specific days, or if you want your supporters to know things like how to arrange delivery, you can use your Care Calendar to make it all clear. Using the customizing features allows you to provide the little details that are important to the recipient. Here are a few ways to make the calendar work for you:

The standard calendar view allows you to select the type of help you need – Childcare, Adult/senior care, Pet care, Home services, Meals, and Other.

Select the date and time you need support, and “Does Not Repeat” if it is a one-time need. If you need help all day, check the All Day box, and the time boxes will disappear.

Provide any details you want supporters to know (food allergies, building access etc).

Click Save for a one-time item, or Save & Add More to add other items. 

Calendar events can also be set for specific frequencies. Click the arrow next to Does Not Repeat, to open a list of frequencies. 

Select the date you want help to start, and select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly frequency. The frequency you choose will allow you to set the days and times that service is needed. 

Click Save to add the item to your calendar. 

If you need help on specific days that don’t fall on regular intervals, select Custom. This will open boxes that will allow you to select specific days and times. 

Once your calendar is set up, click Save.

The custom window also allows you to make changes to the daily needs of each offering. If the recipient needs a ride to the doctor on Monday, and a babysitter on Wednesday, you can make those specifications by clicking the day and writing the details in the box below the date. 

If you need to make changes to an event that has multiple dates, click on the item to open this pop-up window. 

If you need to make a change to the entire event (such as an address or other information that effects every instance), click EDIT SERIES.

If you need to make a change to just one instance of the item (such as a later arrival time on one day),click EDIT INSTANCE.

 When a supporter claims a calendar item, they can follow the steps for communicating with you and arranging to bring or send what the recipient needs. 

The calendar is one of the most powerful tools Give InKind offers. By using all of its tools, you can easily request and coordinate help, and building a strong circle of support.

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