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How do I use the calendar to give support?
How do I use the calendar to give support?
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The calendar on a Give InKind page is one of the best ways to find out how you can help. Page Organizers create calendar items to request support that you won't find in the Marketplace or on Amazon - things like babysitting, meal delivery, rides to appointments, etc. The calendar is used to mark days and times that hands-on support is needed. 

If you want to use the calendar to help, visit the Give InKind page of your recipient. You can view the calendar just below the Story and Special Notes sections, or click the "From the Calendar" button on the right. You can scroll through the dates to see what is being requested, or you can go to a specific date to see if anything is needed that day.

Important Note: You will need to create a Give InKind account in order to sign-up to provide support. 

When you choose a calendar event, click "I'll Help". You will then be taken through the steps to complete your sign-up. If you want to provide a meal, you have the option of bringing something yourself, purchasing a meal from a service in the Marketplace, or sending a Gift Card. If you sign-up for something else, like babysitting, you will be able to view the details, explore options for providing a professional service, and add your own questions or information, such as the time you can come or questions about food allergies.

After you make your selections, click "Confirm". You, and the Page Organizer will receive an email confirming your sign-up, with details such as the Recipient's address and any notes from the Page Organizer. You'll receive two more reminder emails as the date approaches. 

If you become unable to offer the service, you can unclaim the event. Just go to the calendar, locate the item and click "Edit". In the window that opens, click "Unclaim". You and the Page Organizer will be emailed to notify them of the cancellation. 

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