If you want to deliver a meal to a Give InKind support recipient, you can claim that item from their calendar.

Go to the person’s Give InKind page

Scroll down to the Care Calendar

Check the calendar for a date when a meal delivery is needed

Click the CLAIM button on that item

To deliver the meal in person

In the meal delivery window, select either “I’ll provide myself” 

Provide any notes for the recipient, like “I’ll be there by 12:15”


You will receive an email providing the details of the scheduled meal delivery

To have a meal delivered

Select “Show me options to send”, the CLAIM ITEM button with change to a SEE DELIVERY OPTIONS button. Click this button.

On the Order Food For Delivery screen, click the SEE DELIVERY OPTIONS button.

On the meal delivery page, select the restaurant you want to have delivered

Click on the item and click the BUY button on the description page

The next window will provide a button that will take you to the site where you will complete the purchase process. Remember that the order will be completed on a separate site, so you will need your recipient’s address (shown on the bottom of their Give InKind page) to complete the order. 

You will receive an email notifying you of the claimed meal delivery

Your supporter will also receive an email confirming their claimed delivery with the details:

To change or cancel a meal delivery

If you need to make changes to the meal delivery request, go to your calendar and click the EDIT ITEM button next to the item. Make the changes you wish to make and click SAVE.

If your supporter wishes to cancel the meal delivery, they can go to the item on your calendar and click the EDIT button on the date they originally claimed. 

The edit button will open a popup window. Click UNCLAIM ITEM at the bottom. This will cancel the item. Both you and the supporter will receive an email notifying you of the cancellation.

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