Some events, like babysitting or meal delivery, need to take place on a regular schedule. You can use your Give InKind page’s calendar to set up a schedule for those events. Here is how to easily set up recurring items on your calendar. 

Enter your details in the ADD ITEM form that opens.

  1. Select the category of your item from the drop down menu in the first field
  2. Give your even a title, like “Food delivery for Mom”
  3. Provide the date and time that you need this product or service
  4. Check the box if it is an all-day need
  5. If you only need the help once, do not change the next field, which is defaulted to “Does Not Repeat” 
  6. If you need the support on a recurring basis, click the drop-down arrow next to “Does Not Repeat”, to select how frequently you need the support - daily, weekly, monthly, or if you need to customize the days you need help. 
  7. In the END field, select the date that the recurring service will end
  8. Provide any other details or information in the description field
  9. Click SAVE to enter just that item, or SAVE & ADD MORE to add more items

After you click SAVE, your calendar will appear, with your new item displayed.

If you need to make any changes to an item on your calendar, click on the item to open the EDIT ITEM form. 

Complete the changes you need to make and click SAVE. To edit your recurring item, you will be asked if you're making changes to the single instance of that item, or the entire series of that recurring item.

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