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How do I add to and edit my calendar?
How do I add to and edit my calendar?
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The Care Calendar is the central feature of many InKind Pages. It’s a way to let your supporters know the best days, times, and types of support needed; plus it gives supporters an easy way to coordinate providing those items.

When you first enable this feature, your page will display an empty Care Calendar.

How to use your Care Calendar

Request everything you need: meals, transportation, pet care, home services, anything at all. The smart calendar will gather the relevant information needed for each support type based on your selections.

Start by clicking the orange button labeled "ADD REQUEST" (on mobile the button is labeled with a "+" plus sign)

Choose the type of help that's needed.

Specify how you would like to receive this help: meal delivery, gift card, in-person visit, phone call...

NOTE: When adding meal requests to the Care Calendar, Breakfast requests have a default time of 8:00 am to 9:00 am, Lunch times are 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, and Dinner times are 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. You can change the start and end times by clicking them.

  • If you do not want to specify a time for your request, check the "All Day" box.

  • Would you like this to be a repeating request? Select how often you would like this request to occur, and select a date for this series of requests to end.

  • Give more details about your request in the Description field. Favorite dishes, preferred restaurants, chores you need help with...

  • Have you selected Delivery? Include any additional special delivery instructions.
    (The Delivery Address saved in your Page Settings will be provided to supporters once they sign-up for a delivery request.)

  • Allowing supporters to send gift cards? They can purchase and send gift cards directly through the Care Calendar, choosing from the four default gifts we have selected for each type of request, or any four gifts you select from our list of over 175 gift cards.

Click "SAVE" to see your new request on the Care Calendar, or click "SAVE AND ADD MORE" to save and start creating another request.

You are free to add as many requests per day and per calendar as you need.

Editing your Calendar

If you need to make any changes to a request or series of requests on your Care Calendar, click anywhere within the request and select the “Edit Request” button.

If this is a repeating request you will then have the options to “Edit Instance” which will apply changes to only the request you clicked, or “Edit Series” which will apply your changes to all repeating requests within that series.

Change any of the details you need: from the request and help types to the repeating frequency or end date; change the gift cards offered, or delete the request entirely.

Click “Save” to refresh the Calendar and see your changes.

NOTE: If a request that is part of a repeating series has already been signed-up for (displaying a green checkmark and the supporter’s name on the request) it will need to be edited individually, and will not be affected if another request in its series is changed with the “Edit Series” button.

If you’re making changes to a request that has already been signed-up for, you will be presented with the option to send the Supporter a message when saving your changes.

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