Do I have to send a Thank You?

Absolutely not. In fact, we have an entire article about why it's okay to let go of the obligation of sending thank you notes during life's stressful times, which you can read here.

But Give InKind is a platform for making every aspect of the support experience easy on everyone involved.

So we have launched a beautiful Thank You note system for Page Organizers to use.

InKind Page Organizers, and Premium InKind Page Organizers all have access to the quick and easy Thank You system.

Where do I find the Thank You notes?

Standard InKind Page Organizers will see the "Send a Thank You" button in each support notification email. Clicking the button will take you to the Send Thank You Email window where you can see a live preview of your message on our signature aqua-colored background. Customize the text as much as you like, or use the pre-filled message to quickly send your gratitude.

Once the preview looks ready, click the "Send" button at the bottom right of the window. Your Thank You message will be sent directly to the Supporter's email. They will be able to "reply" to the email, which will go directly to you.

✨ To send Thank You messages with alternately-colored backgrounds, as well as send and track Thank You's directly from your page's Supporters View, you will need to purchase the Premium Page Upgrade. (Learn more about all of the features included with the Premium Upgrade and how to purchase here.)

Premium Thank You Messages

While all Page Organizers can send Thank You messages from inside a support notification email, Premium Upgraded InKind Page Organizers can also compose, send, and track Thank You messages directly from the Supporters View on their page.

And while all Page Organizers can send a Thank You message with our signature aqua-colored background, Premium Upgraded InKind Page Organizers can select from seven additional background colors to customize their messages.

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