We know that Support Networks can spread far and wide. Loved ones from all over want to send help, and while Give InKind is configured to primarily serve the United States, there are ways to send your support from Canada.

This solution also works when using Canadian credit cards at U.S. Gas Pumps that require a billing zip code.

While the billing address field is arranged for United States addresses, you may enter your Canadian information in the following format:

  1. in the "Street address" field you may enter your Civic address,

  2. in the "Town/City" field enter your Municipality,

  3. for "State" select any two letter combo from the list (this information is bypassed and not relevant to your actual address),

  4. and in the "Zip" field (which requires five numbers) enter the three numbers in your Postal Code followed by two zeroes.

For instance, the Postal Code "A2B 3C4" would be entered as the Zip Code "23400"

Taking these steps should allow your transaction to process smoothly. Should you encounter any issues, reach out to the Support Team directly in the Orange Chat Bubble for assistance.

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