The standard InKind Page is built to serve a single address. Many of the support features rely on the address listed in the Delivery Address area in the Page Settings.

To gather support for multiple Recipients or households, we would ideally recommend creating a separate InKind Page for each address.

There are a few ways, however, to tailor a single InKind Page to serve multiple addresses. (Note: Gift Cards can only be directed to one email address per InKind Page, so to support multiple Gift Card Recipients you must either designate a single recipient to dispense gift cards as they arrive, or create a separate page for each individual.)

  • First, go to Page Settings and scroll to the Delivery Address area. We require an entry in the address field, so this is where you can enter a note directing your Supporters to find the proper address in the Story, Special Notes, Updates, or Care Calendar sections.

  • When adding requests to the Care Calendar, you can indicate in the "Name of Request" field which Recipient this support will be for, and in the "Description" field you can enter the correct delivery address for this Recipient.

  • To make your delivery addresses visible to everyone, you can list them in your Story or Special Notes sections.

  • You can also list the corresponding addresses for each of your Recipients in the Updates section. Visitors are required to log-in to see the Updates and Care Calendar details, so these are good places to enter address information away from public display.

Click here to see a sample InKind page that has been tailored for supporting multiple Recipients.

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