Gift cards sent through Give InKind are delivered to the Recipient's email 24 hours after they are purchased. This delay is a security measure to protect the Supporter's transaction.

If you're expecting a Gift Card that has not yet arrived, check the following details:

  • The timestamp on the email notifying you a gift card is on the way. (Your gift card will arrive almost exactly 24 hours after the notification email.)

  • The Delivery Email Address in your Page Settings. This is the address to which gift cards are sent. If this has been entered incorrectly, reach out to our Support Team as soon as possible to track and catch any wayward gifts.

  • Spam folders and inbox sub-folders. If it has been longer than 24 hours since the notification email arrived, check to make sure your gift email was not redirected to the Spam folder.

If it has been longer than 24 hours since purchase and you still do not see a gift card email, reach out to our Support Team who can troubleshoot any delivery issues.

We understand that there are times support needs to be sent immediately, and the 24 hour security delay can get in the way of that. If this is the case, reach out to the Support Team who can help in expediting delivery of the order.

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