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How to Order a Future Meal from Grub Hub
How to Order a Future Meal from Grub Hub
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Give InKind’s delivery partner, GrubHub, can deliver food to your recipient today or in the future. However, GrubHub only allows orders to be placed up to 7 days in advance. If you claim a meal that is more than 7 days in the future, Give InKind will tell you the date when you can place your order, and send you a reminder email on that date.

From the Care Calendar, select the meal you wish to provide and click CLAIM

In the Claim window, select ORDER FROM A LOCAL RESTAURANT.

You will see a note that explains that GrubHub allows meals up to one week in advance.

In the first field, you can add what kind of meal you plan to send (i.e. pizza)

In the second field, you can add a note to the recipient (i.e. Feel better soon!)


Note that page organizers often add their favorite foods & restaurants, as well as dietary restrictions in the Story or Special Notes sections of the page.

After you click CLAIM ITEM, the next screen will display the earliest date that you can place your order with Grub Hub.

If you wish to add a reminder to your Outlook or Google calendar, click “Add a reminder to calendar”.

A drop-down menu will open. Select Outlook or Google and follow the steps to add to your calendar.

The recipient’s address will be sent to you in both a confirmation and a reminder email.

If you wish to explore ordering options, click the BROWSE GRUB HUB button to be taken to the GrubHub website.

When the time comes to place your order, go to

The window at the top of the GrubHub homepage will ask you when you want the meal delivered, the delivery address, and the type of food you want to order (i.e. pizza). This will help you see the restaurants that deliver to your recipient’s address.


GrubHub defaults to a delivery date and time of ASAP, so it is important to change that date to your claimed date and time.

Click ASAP to display the calendar.

In the order date window, select the date and time of your order

After setting the date and time, enter the recipient’s address, and the type of food you wish to explore (if you do not have a food preference yet this is not required).

If you need the recipient’s address, you can find it in the confirmation and reminder emails you have received from Give InKind, as well as on your Profile Page under the Support You’ve Claimed section.

After entering all the information, click FIND FOOD.

The next screen will display the delivery date and time you entered. You can click that date to change it.

You can now explore restaurant options.

Choose the restaurant and make your selections in the Order Detail window.

After selecting the items for your order, click ADD TO BAG at the bottom of the screen

The ITEMS ADDED window will display your order and final price. Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

If you don’t already have a GrubHub account, you will be asked to create one.

After creating your account, the Address Confirmation Screen will display your recipient’s address. Note that if the recipient address includes a Unit or Apt #, GrubHub will ask you to enter this before placing your order.

After confirming the information is correct or making any changes, click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD.

Enter your card information in the Payment Information screen. You can also set an amount to tip the delivery driver.

Click PLACE YOUR ORDER at the bottom of the screen to complete your order.

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