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How do I find a page to support?
How do I find a page to support?

Finding and supporting pages based on situation or location

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If you are looking for an opportunity to offer support but don’t have a particular Give InKind page in mind, you can explore all of Give InKind’s public pages to choose one to follow or support. You can also narrow your search using page filters. 

To conduct a general page search:

On the Give InKind homepage, click the search icon (magnifying glass) next to the search field at the top of the page. 

All of the current Give InKind pages will be displayed, starting with those created most recently. You can click on any page to read their story, follow or support.

To filter your page search:

Click the blue REFINE button at the top left of the page listings.

Two menus will be displayed – Situation and State. 

The Situation menu allows you to select either ALL to see all kinds of pages, or you can select a specific life situation that you wish to support.

The State menu allows you to select either ALL to see pages from all across the US, or you can select a specific state where you wish to offer support. 

You can make selections to make your search as specific as possible, filter each menu. For example, to support children with illnesses in Illinois, select Sick Child in the Situation menu, and Illinois in the State menu. These two options will combine and show you any pages created under these categories. 

In addition to pages, products and services that are offered in specific locations will be displayed under page listings. This is a helpful option if you are seeking a local product or service for a recipient. 

With help on filtering a page search, you can contact Give InKind by clicking the support chat icon on the Give InKind site, or contact us at [email protected]

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