When someone you care about is going through a major life event and needs support, it can be very hard trying to decide how to help. You want to do something or give something that will make things a little easier. 

Give InKind was designed to make the process of giving support easier for you and the recipient. The Give InKind page has several features that may help you choose just the right thing for your friend or family member.

  • The Story - This is where the page tells you the story of the Recipient - what they are currently experiencing, how it has effected their lives, and the kind of help they need. You can also find out specifics like their phone call and visitation preferences. The Page Organizer can also use this space to provide updates on the Recipient's circumstances.

  • The Wishlist - The Wishlist is is a collection of gift cards, products, and services that you can purchase for the Recipient. It's built by the Page Organizer based on the Recipient's specific needs. All of the items on a Wishlist are pulled from the Give InKind Marketplace of approved vendors. You can explore the list, learn more about products, and make your purchase.

  • The Care Calendar - Most people will have special support needs on specific days and times. The Calendar offers opportunities for you to sign-up to provide hands on support like babysitting, meal delivery, errand running, cleaning, rides to appointments, etc. After you sign-up for a support request, you can decide if you want to provide the service yourself or pay for a service. 

  • The Marketplace - The Give InKind Marketplace is Give InKind's collection of approved vendors that offer a wide variety of products and services that can support people in almost any life situation. From the menu at the top of the Give InKind homepage, hover over "Ways to Help", and from the drop down menu that appears, you can select your way to shop - by situation, category, or recipient. The website will guide you through your browsing and shopping experience from there.

  • Crowdfunding campaign links - The Recipient may need financial support more than anything. If there is a GoFundMe or PayPal donation account for the Recipient, the page may have links to those sites (displayed on the right of the page). You can select a link to be taken to the donation site. (Note: While Give InKind receives no fees for donations made to crowdfunding campaigns, we do not control any fees charged by those sites. We encourage you to check the sites for their fees before making a donation). 

  • The Article Library - Even when you know what your friend or family member is going through, you may still be unsure what yo give or how to help. The Give InKind article library can provide advice on and insight into all types of life situations. The articles can give you some perspective and inspire some ideas for gifts and other support you can provide. You can easily access articles by clicking on "Learn" on the menu at the top of the homepage. 

Give InKind is always working on ways to help giving easier for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at [email protected] 

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