It always feels good to feed people. But when you sign up to bring meals to a Give InKind recipient, you can get a little nervous, hoping you bring them something they will like. On the calendar, the Page Organizer can provide details about food allergies, favorite foods etc. This is helpful for you; but if you want to let them know what you will be bringing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can add that to the details when you claim the meal. 

When you find a date and time for a meal you want to provide, click the CLAIM button. In the window that opens, share any information you want the recipient(s) to know in the top field. In the bottom field, you can tell them what you will be bringing, how much, or other little things, like "I'll bring drinks too".

If you have questions about what you should or shouldn't bring, you can leave a question in the message field at the bottom of the page, or you can contact the Page Organizer by clicking on the picture next to 'Organizers' at the top of the page, to send them an email. 

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