When you want to add a link to your GoFundMe account to your Give InKind page, you can do it when you create your page or add it later using Page Settings. When you add your link it, it should appear on your Give InKind page menu as shown here: 

But what if you follow the steps and the GoFundMe link isn’t displayed? The issue is likely related to the link itself. When you enter your link, be sure to provide only gofundme/pagename, with no additional letters or characters, which can break the link.

Return to Page Settings to check your link and remove any additional characters after the page name. 

For example, if the link you entered is “gofundme/pagename/sfdsfsfs”

You should remove everything after “gofundme/pagename”

After saving, the link should appear on your page. 

If it is still not displayed, contact us for support

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