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How do I create a Give InKind Page for myself or someone else?
How do I create a Give InKind Page for myself or someone else?
Written by James Kocsis
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Give InKind is an easy-to-use support site for those who want to help someone in need. An InKind page shares your story, Wishlist and Care Calendar. It also tells people your preferences for visits, phone calls and deliveries. You can even use your page to collect donations through your PayPal account, or by connecting a GoFundMe campaign and progress tracker.

Creating a page is easy and can be done in just a few steps. You can create an InKind page here , or follow the whole page creation process below.

From the Give InKind homepage, start by clicking the START AN INKIND PAGE button in the middle of the screen, or you can click the START A PAGE button at the top.

Starting Your Page

First, choose who the page is for: yourself, someone else, or an organization. Then enter the email address for the person who will be managing the page. (This is generally your email address. You will be able to add other page organizers later in the Page Settings.)

Click NEXT.

Let us know what kind of situation you are gathering support for. Explore the drop down menu for a wider selection, and choose as many situations as needed. Then click NEXT.

Now it's time to name your page. Choose a descriptive title that your supporters would recognize or search for. You can also click on PAGE NAME IDEAS for some inspiration.

Click NEXT.

If you are creating the page for someone else, you will be asked for their information. The Recipient's email is where all electronic gift cards are directed. The address for deliveries will be used by the page's features when coordinating meals and gifts.

You can also invite the Recipient to be a Page Organizer if you would like them to share the power to make edits to the page and manage the Care Calendar. If they are not invited as a Page Organizer they will not receive any emails from us about their page, only the direct delivery of electronic gift cards that are purchased by Supporters.

If you have the Recipient's address handy, check the box to include an address for deliveries. The address will be provided to Supporters who sign up for in-person help, or to send deliveries. (You can also add this later in the Page Settings, or when adding to your Calendar.)

In the next few steps, we'll introduce you to the three main support features. You must choose YES or NO before moving on to the next step, but you can always toggle these features on and off in the Page Settings as support needs evolve.

After enabling your chosen page features, you can set your page's Privacy Settings.

These can be changed at any time in the Page Settings as preferences evolve. Your choices here will be displayed to page visitors, who can quickly see if you are welcoming phone calls, flowers, visitors, and more.

You can also choose how your page is displayed on Give InKind: whether it can be found by searching, or only through a direct link.

Click NEXT and you will be asked to sign-in to your Give InKind profile, or to create one if this is your first visit.

Once you have told us who you are, click FINISH.

That’s it! You'll be taken to the InKind Page you just created, and offered a quick tour of all of the elements on your page.

You are now the Page Organizer. Welcome to Give InKind!

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