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How do I delete a page I have created?
How do I delete a page I have created?
Written by James Kocsis
Updated over a week ago

Page organizers have the ability to deactivate an InKind Page for any reason, at any time.

To do so, first make sure you are logged in. Visit the InKind Page you want to deactivate and click on the PAGE SETTINGS button in the header:

At the bottom of the Page Settings window, click the DELETE PAGE button:

You will be prompted to confirm. Once confirmed, your page is deactivated and no longer available.

Anyone attempting to visit the page with a direct link will be notified that the page has been deleted.

If you have deleted your page in error, reach out to the Customer Support team in the orange chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen. They can locate and re-activate your InKind Page if needed.

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