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I can't edit the date that I claimed
I can't edit the date that I claimed

I see CLAIMED where the EDIT button should be

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When you claim a date on a Care Calendar, you will see an EDIT button on that date, that will allow you to make changes to your claim or cancel it if necessary. Other people who look at the calendar will see a CLAIMED button on your date and cannot make changes to the event you have claimed.

If you visit the Care Calendar because you want to make changes, and you see CLAIMED on your date where EDIT should be, there may be an issue with the way you are logged in:

  • You have not logged into your Give InKind account. Go to the homepage, and click log in. Once you are logged in, you will see the EDIT button when you go back to your calendar event.

  • You may have logged in under another account. If you have created an account with another email address, you will need to log in under the same email address you used when you claimed the item. Log out of Give InKind, and log back in using that email.

If neither of these options seems to be your issue or if you have trouble logging in, contact us at via the support chat on, or email us at [email protected].

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