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Managing my Wishlist
How do I turn off my Wishlist?
How do I turn off my Wishlist?
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The Give InKind wishlist allows you to create a list of items and services you might prefer. But you may not want to create a wishlist, or if you have one you may want to remove it. You can do this when you set up your page for the first time or you can turn it off later through page settings.

To turn off the Wishlist while creating your page:

  1. Follow the steps for creating a page

  2. Step three of the process will be the ‘What Kind of Support Is Needed’ page, where you can set your page preferences.

  3. Under WISHLIST, the toggle button is already green, which means your Wishlist is turned on. Click the button to switch the toggle button to red, which means the Wishlist is turned off.

  4. Set your remaining preferences for your page, and click NEXT.

  5. Complete the remaining page creation steps

  6. When your new page is generated, it will not have a Wishlist button or Wishlist displayed. But you can always add one later.

To add a Wishlist using Page Settings

  1. On your Give InKind page, click the Page Settings button located at the bottom right corner of your page header

  2. On the Page Settings screen, click the toggle button under WishList to switch the selection from on (green), to off (red)

  3. Make any other changes you wish to your page settings

  4. Click SAVE at the bottom of the screen

  5. When you return to your page, the Wishlist and Wishlist button will  no longer be displayed.

  6. You can add your Wishlist back anytime by turning the Wishlist back on in page settings. 

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