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Can I claim a gift or service on behalf of someone else?
Can I claim a gift or service on behalf of someone else?
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If you want to sign up for a Care Calendar request on behalf of someone else, you can list them in the description when signing up.

On the Care Calendar request you would like to sign up for on someone else's behalf, click the "I'll Help" button.

If the Page Organizer has allowed the options for "Drop-off" or "In-Person" you will have a field to enter the description of what you're dropping off, or contact info for in-person services. In these fields you can include the name of the person you're signing up on behalf of.

The Care Calendar will now display that the request has been signed up for (displaying a green checkmark where the "I'll Help" button used to be) and will display the name of the person logged-in when signing up for the request. (This is also the person who will receive reminder emails about the sign-up, and who the Page Organizer will contact in the event of a change.)

Clicking the request will now display the details you entered, including the name of the person on whose behalf you've signed up.

Note: We require supporters to login to a Give InKind Profile before signing up through the Care Calendar to ensure we have an email address associated with that supporter in the event the Page Organizers or Recipients need to contact them with any changes to requests. Whomever is logged in at the time of signing up is the name generated on the Care Calendar. If you are signing up on someone else's behalf, they will not receive any reminder or informational emails related to the request.

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