Give InKind is an easy-to-use support portal for those who want to help someone in need. A Give InKind Page shares your story, Wishlist and Care Calendar. It also tells people your preferences for visits, phone calls and deliveries. There's even a way to link to your PayPal donation account or display your GoFundMe campaign & progress.

Creating a page is easy and can be done in just a few steps. You can create a Give InKind Page here , or follow the whole page creation process below.

From the Give InKind homepage, start by clicking the CREATE A PAGE button in the middle of the screen, or you can click the CREATE menu at the top of the page. 

On the sign-up form, enter your first name, last name, email address, and create a password in the Sign up form. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters.


On the next screen, select who the Give InKind page is for: yourself, a family member, a child, a senior, or an organization. When you make your selection, you will be taken to the next screen. 

Choose the type of situation you are experiencing by first clicking one of four main situation categories, and then checking any applicable sub-situations. If you can't find your specific situation, choose General Support>Ongoing Support to continue. 

Check any and all sub-situations, across as many situation categories as apply, and best define your exact situation.

Click NEXT

On the next screen, you can choose your features and preferences. 

  • Care Calendar - Displays a calendar on your page that you can add and edit items on, just like you would any calendar application
  • Wishlist - Use the Wishlist feature to show exactly what people can do to support you. Add products by clicking the plus (+) icon on product tiles and product pages
  • Amazon WishlistAdd a link to an wishlist that you have created
  • Financial Contributions - Provide a quick way for supporters to send contributions via PayPal, or display your GoFundMe campaign info and progress
  • Visitors - Turn this off if you aren't receiving visitors right now. Be sure to turn it back on when you're ready – take as looooong as you need
  • Flowers - There are various reasons why you either can't have flowers sent, or don't want them sent
  • Phone Calls - Much like visitors, sometimes the calls just need to be put on hold. Options for accepting texts or providing an alternate number are available as well

Click NEXT to go to the About our Page screen, where you can create your page's information

  • Provide page info.
  • Give it a Title — something that friends and family will instantly recognize as yours like "Francine's F-Cancer Page" or "Baby Bridgette is HERE!"
  • Hide from public search results — Checking this hides your page from Give InKind's search. Only people that you share the page link with upon completion, will be able to reach your page
  • Upload a photo — a visual is another way supporters will instantly recognize your page
  • Add the Recipient's address — Provided for your supporters for purchasing items from your wishlist.
  • Make the Recipient a Page Organizer -- Checking this box will allow the Recipient to receive email notifications when gifts are purchased or support is claimed from the Care Calendar. If the Recipient does not have a Give InKind account, checking this box will send an email to the Recipient, inviting them to create an account and become a Page Organizer.

Check the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and click the FINISH & VIEW PAGE button

That’s it! You'll be taken to the Give InKind Page you just created. Here you can include your story, and any special notes you'd like to provide on your page, such as dietary restrictions, or recovery progress.

This now makes you the page's "Organizer".  Welcome to Give InKind!

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